16-th International Workshop Alpen Pharma Group


16-th International Workshop Alpen Pharma Group took place in Turkey on 3rd-9th September 2016. The training was attended by more than 300 employees from 20 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland.
Traditionally during the training participants were able to get not only a lot of new knowledge and experiences, but also to show their creativity in the talent show Alpen Pharma «RIXFACTOR». This year’s talent show included two directions: Alpen Dance and Alpen Cinema. Competition shows that there is a huge number of talented directors, writers, cameramen, actors, dancers and many, many other creative individuals in our company. It inspires, fills with strength and happiness! We wish you new victories in business, personal growth and creativity! See you next year!