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Alpen Pharma in Azerbaijan

History of Alpen Pharma in Azerbaijan began in 2012, when Alpen Pharma AG Representative office  was opened  in Baku. Pursuing effort to be closer to the patients, Alpen Pharma team of professionals works in several large cities of Azerbaijan, improving the accessibility of the entire spectrum of the company’s products. 


Product portfolio of Alpen Pharma AG Representative Office in Azerbaijan is updated from year to year and has a big quantity of medicines that meet the needs of a wide range of patients and doctors of various specialties. 



Today Alpen Pharma AG represents in Azerbaijan famous European pharmaceutical manufacturers such as «Deutsche Homoopathie-Union» – «DHU Arzneimittel GmbH & Co.KG» (Germany), «Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH» (Germany), «Dr. Gustav Klein GmbH & Co.KG» (Germany).


Alpen Pharma AG (Bern, Switzerland)  Representative Office in Azerbaijan is paying an attention to cooperation with medical and health-care institutions, medical practitioners, pharmacists and pharmaceutical consumers; actively supports clinical researches,  scientific and practical conferences and seminars to facilitate the exchange of experience, as well as educational programs to improve the skills of doctors.



Alpen Pharma AG (Bern, Switzerland)  Representative Office in Azerbaijan is cooperating with Republic Clinical hospital named Mirkasimov, Republic Children’s Clinical hospital, Children’s Clinical hospital named A.Karaev, Children’s hospital of lung diseases No.11, Scientific Research Institution of lung diseases, Scientific Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics named K. Faradjova.


Alpen Pharma AG is stable, social-responsible and ethical company, bringing innovation methods of treatment and diseases prevention to society. Activity of the company is indicated by its genteel mission –  «In the name of health!».


Contacts of Alpen Pharma AG (Bern, Switzerland) Representative Office in Azerbaijan:

1065 Azerbaijan, Baku, Tbilisi Avenue 49 / S, Chirag Plaza 

Telephone: (+99 412) 499 72 71, (+99 412) 499 72 00

E-mail: sevinj.novruzova@mail.ru