About us

Mission and Values

Alpen Pharma AG is a stable, socially responsible and ethical company that brings the society innovative methods of treatment and prevention of diseases. Our Company aims at maintaining and preserving health and beauty, as well as improving the quality of life of millions of people on our planet.


Pharmaceutical company Alpen Pharma AG pays much attention for work with medical and healthcare facilities, therapists, pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical products consumers; actively supports the scientific and practical conferences and seminars that promote the experience exchange, as well as educational programs to improve the doctors’ qualification. Alpen Pharma AG actively supports the medical and social projects, aimed at maintaining and improving the health quality of the planet inhabitants.


“In the name of health!” ― is a noble mission of Alpen Pharma, which determines all our activities.


Our values


The priority for everyone working in the field of drug supply is the patient, after all. Therefore, our professionalism, responsibility for the effectiveness and safety of drugs help in providing each and every one with high quality drug services, making people healthier and world better.


We tend to satisfy the expectations and needs of every client Alpen Pharma: a patient, a physician, a pharmacist ― they are ― our primary responsibility.


Introducing medications, which effectiveness and safety has been proved by long-term of successful experience in application by millions of patients in dozens countries around the world, we define our core value ― social responsibility.


Our focus in the field of cosmetic and balneological products ― is brands with an unblemished reputation, strict quality control, the most natural compositions and ecological safety. We ourselves use our products and form an objective and honest look at health and beauty.