Statement on personal data protection for applicants for open vacancies

We are happy to know that you are interested in working at our Company and have submitted your application to take up a vacancy. Please find below information on processing of your personal data contained in documents submitted by you.


Controller of data processing


With regard to the law, the Company is the responsible for data protection: Alpen Pharma AG,
49/C, Tbilisi Ave., AZ 1065, Baku, Azerbaijan. You can find detailed information about our Company, additional information on authorized persons, as well as other contact data in Contacts section at our website:


Processed data. Objectives of personal data processing


We process data provided by you and accompanying your vacancy application in order to assess your professional suitability for the position in question (or, if applicable, for other open positions in our Company), as well as part of a routine open vacancy application processing procedure.


Legislative framework


From the standpoint of the law, processing of your personal data as part of open vacancy application processing procedure is performed by virtue of Article 6, paragraph 1 of General Data Protection Regulations (DSGVO/GDPR). These Regulations allow for processing of personal data when it is required to conclude a contract. If data are needed after the completion of application processing procedure, e.g., for a legal proceeding, data processing is performed by virtue of provisions of Article 6 of General Data Protection Regulations (DSGVO/GDPR), in particular, to serve lawful interests in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, sub-item f) of General Data Protection Regulations (DSGVO/GDPR). In the latter case, the objective is to lodge a claim or to carry out activities of protection against a claim.


Period of data retention


In case of employment refusal, his/her data will be deleted after 6 months. If, during the process of application submission, you have concluded a contract, your data will be transferred from the open vacancy system to personnel information system of our Company.


Data transfer


After the receipt of your application for a vacancy, the data will be reviewed by the Human Resource Division. Qualified applications are then directed to the person responsible for appropriate open vacancy. After that, further actions are decided upon. Your data will be only accessible to persons that need to know them for due processing of your vacancy application.


Location of data processing facilities


Data are processed in a data center in Switzerland. Our Company has a contract with the administrator of the data center; the contact provides for processing of this type of data. According to resolution of European Committee, the level of data protection provided in Switzerland is adequate to requirements.


Your rights as a data subject


You have the right to request information about your personal data processed by us. We hope that it is understandable, that if a request for this information is submitted not in written form, you will most likely be required to prove that you are in fact the person you claim to be. You also have the right to adjust, terminate or limit processing (within the scope of your legal rights to do so). Besides that, you have the right to refuse data processing within the limits of the law. The same applies to the right to disclose data.


Data Protection Officer


Our Company employs a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Should you have any questions, remarks, complaints or comments relating to the protection and processing of your personal data, feel free to apply to the Data Protection Office:



Right of appeal


You have the right to lodge a claim to the data protection agency against our Company in respect of personal data processed by us.


An important note: by sending your CV to, you confirm the relevance of all the specified personal data and give permission for your personal data to be processed.