International Scientific Conference: "Adapting the child's organism to the changing environment, collective".


International scientific conference took place in HYATT REGENSY BAKU on “Adaptation of child’s organism  to the changing environment, collective”. The conference was opened by MD Professor Aslan Gusanov, who is Head of Department of Pediatrics of the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A. Aliyev The first presentation on “Your natural way to health” was made by Head of International Department of DHU Georg Schmidt. The second presentation on “Modern principles  of correction of young children’s main functional disorders” was made by MD Inga Mityuriaeva, who is Professor of Department of Pediatrics No.4 of National Medical University named after O.Bogomolets (Ukraine).  The third presentation on “Improving of quality of life of young children” was made by Professor, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Director of the Pediatric Clinic named after M. Guramishvili Ketevan Namsadze (Georgia). During performances lecturers have introduced products Gastrokind, Enterokind, Immunokind, Dentokind, Dormikind, Kindinorm to the attendees – their compositions, results of researches, shared their own experience of products assignment, etc.

The conference was attended by pediatricians, family physicians, pediatric neurologists from various medical institutions of Baku - more than 200 people. Interesting questions were asked after presentations. Quiz was played up and many doctors have received valuable prizes.

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