Perhaps there is no man in the world who would never have had a sore throat.

Tonsillitis – as inflammation of the tonsils is called in medicine, may be acute (angina) or chronic. They talk about chronic tonsillitis if angina is repeated two or more times a year. This disease is not harmless because it can lead to decreased immunity, susceptibility to frequent colds, opportunities to develop life-threatening complications that are manifested by diseases of heart, joints, kidneys. So how can we help our tonsils?

Tonsilotren* – German natural product, which has been already helping the tonsils in case of angina and chronic tonsillitis for more than 75 years: reduces inflammation, swelling and pain, restores the protective function of the tonsils, reduces the volume of hypertrophic (enlarged) tonsils, promotes rehabilitation (purification) of lacunae of tonsils from caseous detritus (stoppers), relieves swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes, contributes to the normalization of the immune system of the whole body, accelerates the healing of damaged tissues and prevents repeated angina.